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About Us

About us:

Since 1948


Morris G Lamb was born in Jericho, Texas ten miles east of Groom in 1919.  He was raised on a farm by parents who instilled Christian Values and hard work ethics.

In 1941, he joined the SeaBees, a division of the U. S. Navy.  While in Detroit, Michigan, he met Monica Seibert, who was also raised in a Christian home.  After years of letter writing, they were married in Clarendon, Texas in 1944.

After WWII, they moved from Detroit to Amarillo and in 1948, together started Super Refrigeration in a small one car garage behind their home at 4005 Harrison.  Because Morris and Monica were reared in homes based on Christian values, it was only natural that the business theystarted was based on Christian principles.

In 1952, a larger building was moved in to replace the old single car garage.  Business was good enough to hire the company’s first employee, Jack Barnett.  Morris and Jack would make $.00 service calls all day and do shop work at night.  Meanwhile, Monica was secretary, accountant, homemaker, and by 1957 mother to four.

By 1962, Super Appliance outgrew its garage behind the family home and a building at 421 W 4th was rented.  Employees were added and God continues to bless.

Another move a few doors down was made in 1965 to a larger building at 413 West 4th, next to the Central Fire Station.

All four children took a turn at the family business.  The youngest Larry is now a Pastor at Cielo Vista Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas.  Cynthia and Terry Bell started Bell Appliance in Amarillo, Texas  after getting their start at the family business.  Nancy Thompson has retired from being a Principal in Liberal, Kansas.  She now lives in Amarillo, Texas.

During 1984, Morris and eldest son purchased entire quarter block.  They remodeled the downtown property the Housed Super Appliance.  Because of God’s blessings, Super Appliance was then the largest independent servicer from Dallas to Denver.

In 1985, Grant and wife, Carol purchased the family business.  Even though recession was at its worse, God continued to bless. 

By December of 1989, the retail parts division was expanded to include a new second location at 2414 Paramount.  This was the first venture into selling new appliances. 

December 1991, both locations were consolidated into one newer, larger location at 2518 Paramount. 

February 23, 2005, Super Appliance  purchased a better property at 3402 Olsen.

After 64 years, God continues to bless this “little family business” started in a one car garage in 1948.

                                                                                    Grant Lamb 

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